Kinette Club of Tisdale

"Serving the Community's Greatest Need" since 1959

WELCOME!  Thanks for checking out our website!  Make sure to check out our calendar to see what we're planning for future events! 


NEXT MEETING OF 2018-2019 KIN YEAR:   Monday, October 15, 2018

Legion Room @ Tisdale Civic Centre at 6:30pm



President - Terrah Casemore                                    Past President - Shelby Wright

Vice President -Chris Janzen                           Secretary & Registrar - Lesley Jellicoe

Treasurer - Trina Keays                                         Membership Director - Raquel Scheidt

Bulletin Editor - Alicia Sopatyk                              Club Risk Manager - Erin Christiaens

Telemiracle DirectorsLindsey Keays & Kelli Hayward


Social/Kinship -Bailey Danderfer                               Awards - Brittany Corbett

Historian - Jessica Steadman                                     Raffle - Krystal Fahlman

Goodwill/Grievance - Krystal Fahlman                      Blood Donor Clinic - Jessica Steadman

Cystic Fibrosis - Raquel, Bailey, Susan, Lorna             Website/Facebook - Lindsey Keays, Brittany Corbett

Park - Terrah Casemore, Trenna Bailey

Craft Sale - Lindsey Keays, Lori Rosvold, Raquel Scheidt, Trenna Bailey, Kelli Hayward

Steak & Lobster - Bailey, Jessica, Heather, Susan, Terrah, Amy, Lori & Kelli

Skate Park - Lindsey Keays, Mandy Russell, Chris Janzen, Terrah Casemore 

Kinette Song

Here we are together once again, (clap, clap)

Happy in the family of kin, (clap, clap)

We've forgot our cares and worries too,

Kinettes there's work to do!

Each of us will help to bind the ties,

So the heart of Kin will never die,

One and all let's raise our voices high,

Whataya say?! KINETTES, KINETTES, KINNNNNNNNNETTES!! (fist pump 3x)